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         Birth Boot Camp: The Full 10-Week Series

 I recommend that you begin classes ideally between 24-30 weeks of your pregnancy. First time parents or Couples who have had children but not without medication should enroll in this full program. It includes the Birth Boot Camp curriculum, 25 hours of in class instruction, MRE Breastfeeding video download, access to Edenway’s lending library, weekly online resources, and a class reunion after all the Birth Boot Camp Babies arrive!

                  Class size is limited, so call or email today to reserve your spot!

                                                 REBOOT: The Refresher Course                                              Mom should be as close to 36 weeks as possible. The Reboot Refresher Course is           intended for couples who have previously taken Birth Boot Camp (10 week series) or         given birth without medication. It is not a crash course or a condensed  Birth Boot Camp          class. I offer 3 hour Reboot classes as well as an extended 5 hour Reboot class.

                                                          SIBLING at Birth Class                                                                                          This class runs approximately 1 1/2 hours                                               and is kept to a minimum of one — two families.

          Flexible schedule, please request!

         If you need special arrangements to be made please do not hesitate to ask! 

                                                  Birth Boot Camp Online Classes                                            Birth Boot Camp offers online classes in addition to live classes. A live class is      always preferred over the online option. But, if your schedule is just too hectic to accommodate a live class OR you live too far away, but would still love to have the amazing Birth Boot Camp education…Register for the online option here!  I don’t recommend anything lightly and I fully believe in the integrity of this program. As a certified       Birth Boot Camp Instructor, I am an affiliate partner of Birth Boot Camp and may earn a        referral fee if you take the online course from my recommendation. If you will call me  before registering through my link above I will thank you by giving you an online code for               $25 OFF!

                    Please contact me with any questions you may have about classes!                       Class Location & dates are under Class Schedule & Location tab.

Rachel Johnson, BBCI
Phone: 850.791.8377
Facebook: Rachel Johnson Bbci

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