Class Schedule

Upcoming Birth Boot Camp Classes

It is recommended to start classes in the last trimester ( about 25 weeks)

When: Sept 12th- Nov 21st ( no class oct 31st) ideal for moms due in Nov-Dec

When: Friday at 7 pm

Where: keller

Price for ten weeks class and materials: $300

Registration deposit: $50 and $250 due the first day of class

If you are interested please let me know, space is limited



Registrations going on now


Refresher Course:

A two to three hours course  for couples that had a previous natural birth and need to refresh their knowledge for their upcoming birth. Includes a booklet and a water bottle.

Price: $75

Recommended from 35 weeks and on

Please contact me to see schedule availability


Prenatal Yoga Classes

Monthly ongoing prenatal yoga classes

Cost:  $30 a month or $10 a class

When: Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Where: keller

Ongoing Classes going on right now


Contact me to register