Fall Special! Birth Class + Doula Discount!

I often see couples weighing whether to pay for a doula or a birth class. A doula will not replace taking a complete education class like Birth Boot Camp, and a class will not necessarily be able to provide in the moment support like a doula will. Each plays a unique and neccessary role in birth. Because we understand the financial strain pregnancy and birth can be on a family, doula Elisa Judy and I will be at Whole Foods in the Monterey Del Monte shopping center on Sunday August 11th hosting a Meet and Greet and handing out these coupons. You can get $50 off EACH of our services for a $100 savings! You don’t have to hire both of us to get the savings, but of course we hope you do :)

We will be at Whole Foods (800 Del Monte Center, Monterey, CA 93940) on August 11th from noon to 3pm. I will have my Birth Boot Camp curriculum available for couples and birth professionals to see and informational handouts to take home. Elisa will be answering questions about what a doula does and how she can help you reach your birth goals.

Go to the facebook event here to RSVP.

Cori Gentry, BBCI

Cori Gentry

I am a certified Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth educator, a childcare provider, a musician's wife and a mother to three boys, Milo, Ash, and Indy. I teach classes in pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding in Salinas and Carmel, California.

You are welcome to connect with me on any social media forum. These are my personal accounts so in addition to lots of birth and breastfeeding posts expect my kids, rabbits, and food to make plenty of appearances. Fair warning.

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